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What would you give up to improve your credit card management?

7 things you can do to improve your credit card balance now.

Hi, it’s that time of year when many persons practice giving up an old habit, a well-loved dish, etc., even persons who aren’t deeply religious. It is symbolic of a period of purification, a period of making one’s self better.  What does this have to do with credit card management?

Well, what if the period of purging became a lifestyle activity instead of just a seasonal deprivation? Managing a credit card is as much about mental stamina – the ability to resist the urge to spend, as it is about money management. If you could pick one (or five) things to give up, or do differently over the long term, can you imagine the impact on your finances?

Also, there would be some bonus benefits, like getting rid of some things we know aren’t good for us. Sometimes we indulge in practices, out of laziness or habit, while knowing they aren’t best for us. Letting go could have benefits like improved health, as well as, more money to save.

Here’s my list of 7 things to do to improve your credit card balance!

  1. Give up expensive coffee drinks. This daily habit can run into thousands annually. Making your own drink at home or giving it up can save you a bundle.

  2. Quit alcoholic drinks and smoking. The quicker you do this one, the better. Save your organs and your money.

  3. 7-ways-to-improve-credit-card-balance

    Get creative in the kitchen and save money!

    Do more cooking at home and take lunch to work. Eating out is costly. Buying food everyday can leave a big hole in your wallet. You don’t have to cook every day; meal planning and cooking enough food for more than one day can be a life saver.

  4. Pay bills on time. Late fees add up; avoid them as much as possible. Absolutely never pay your credit card bill late. Credit card fees are high and interest charges multiply faster than cockroaches.  Seriously, compound interest is bad! You’ll be overwhelmed before you know it, unless you totally avoid it.

  5. Buy only what you can afford. Live within your means. Be realistic about your ability to repay debt so that you aren’t blindsided by bills you can’t pay.
  6. Limit costly entertainment. Do you really need to go out every weekend? Can you afford the front line carnival costume or is your budget more the t-shirt band? Don’t let pride stand in the way.
  7. Evaluate your friendships. This is a tough one because friendships are built up over years. However, your friends may have more influence on your spending habits and attitude towards money than you realize. As ridiculous as it sounds, some persons actually hold themselves back in fear of losing friends. Are your friends supporting you on your path to financial growth?  Do they have the same goals? Do you worry that your friends will think you are acting like you are better than they are? If you feel uncomfortable speaking about your goals with your friends, it may be time to make new friends. Don’t limit yourself to protect the feelings of those who are comfortable where they are.

Number 3 is at the top of my to-do list to save more money. It’s a struggle, I really don’t like to cook often 🙁 . Let me know what your plan is. Of course, feel free to think up other ways of saving money. What are you going to give up to ensure your credit card bill is paid every month? Leave your comment below or on my social media! I’d love to hear from you.

You can do this!


Enjoy your weekend!

Have a great weekend all!!

Spend Wisely. Live Richly.


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