Savvy Spending

Are credit cards better than cash?

Seriously, there are quite a few ways that having a credit card beats having cash. Despite the last week’s decidedly not-lighthearted blog about responsible spending and the need to manage credit card debt; there are several ways in which…

Savvy Spending

How to Get Out of Credit Card Bad Debt

Hi Friends! I hope you had a great week.  Mine was productive but busy.  This week I want to have a serious talk about credit card debt.  While I am the first person to encourage credit card use, I…

Savvy Spending

Valentine Dates with your Credit Card

Hi! I hope you’ve had a great week! It’s almost Valentine’s Day! I’m guessing most persons will be out shopping for gifts this weekend and kicking off the celebrations since the actual day falls during the week. February 14…

Savvy Spending

Lesson 1- Spend Wisely. Live Richly!

Welcome to Spending Savvy with Stacy! I’m Stacy. Happy 2017! By now you might have decided which of your resolutions you are going to stick with to make this an awesome 2017! I’m hoping you plan for a successful…