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Tips for making the most of your credit card online!

Plus where to score coupons for even greater savings!

Hi again!

How are you? I hope you’ve had a savvy week. I just want to share some of my favorite things about shopping online with a credit card. The one thing I love more than rewards, is rewards with convenience, so of course, online shopping is a must do for me.

  1. The internet provides so many options for shopping. One of the great things about having a credit card is that it gives you many options of where to shop or spend including literally millions of places online.

  2.  Bargains and variety. Online stores are able to leverage lower operating costs to pass on savings via lower prices to customers. Large online retailers like amazon and Walmart make it easier to shop by having multiple product categories for sale in one place.   Shop seasonally for even more bargains. End of season sales can be awesomely good.

  3. You can shop from the convenience of wherever you want and also get delivery to wherever you want. You may order and send a wrapped gift to someone. Order groceries. Order large items with your credit card and have them delivered right to your door. Additionally, it is very easy to search for items. Plus the stores virtually never close!

  4. Option for virtual card number. Your issuer can provide you with a virtual card number so you don’t have to use your real card number online. These cards are also usually issued for a fraction of your limit so there is less risk in case of compromise. Check with your bank/issuer- unfortunately, not all offer virtual cards.

  5. shop-online-with-credit-card-for-great-deals

    Shop around online for the best deals

    Free Shipping. Take advantage of free shipping. Plan your shopping to make use of minimum spend for free shipping.

Hot  Tip #1. Use online coupons –These are easy to use and can save you tons. Search coupons for your favorite stores and you may be surprised. Two of my favorite places to find online coupons are:


Also check out for great prices. No coupons needed. They currently have a clearance sale with up to 70% off!

Hot tip #2. Customs duties– (For persons residing in Jamaica) you are allowed to ship in goods valued up US$50 and pay no customs duties. Customs duties can be as much as 40% on the value of clothes, for example, so you may want to bear this in mind when shopping.

NB. If you use an overseas address for shipping, be sure to add your address to your personal information at your issuer for verification when you do a transaction.

Not so great things to be aware of :

Fraud. Steer clear of unsecure sites. Look for the https and lock symbol whenever you input your card information online. Verify retailers-ensure they are legitimate before you share your credit card info with them. I usually search for reviews of sites that I’m unfamiliar with. Check for site reviews, for product reviews, or just google for site reviews.

Conversion rates. Be aware that issuers markup exchange rates. So if your card is in a currency other than US$ and you purchase in US$ for example, expect that the rate of exchange will be higher than the market rate by as much as 2 or three dollars.

Inferior products. Merchants have a chance to misrepresent products because they are not physically in front you. Look for return policies to ensure you can retrieve your money if the product is not up to standard.

However, always remember you have the option of chargebacks. That’s one of the great things about using a credit card, the merchant has to prove that your claim is wrong, otherwise you are refunded. Formally report any occurrence of no delivery, product misrepresentation, etc. to your issuer and make claim. Claims will require investigation and unless your issuer has policy for immediate refund pending investigation, you may have to wait a few days for your refund. As long as you have a legitimate claim, your credit card is the best tool for getting justice when you shop because your issuer is obligated to investigate your claim.

Take some time to check out the coupon resources above.

And also do me a favor and post some of your favorite places to shop in the comments section below. Try using a coupon and tell me how it felt to score a great deal!

BTW. Please remember that having access to stores 24/7 doesn’t mean you just go all crazy and spend! We are savvy spenders and so we live richly but spend wisely!

Have a super week!




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